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Where are you based?

I am based in London, 4min from Bayswater st or 6min from Paddington

How is the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact me is by phone or text (if I read message late so I never respond back in 20 mins or so) Also, If you don't have manners or being  rude,  I will not reply back, you meeting will be cancelled and phone numberer blocked.

What is your schedule like?

I am available from Monday till Friday, from 12pm till 11pm and sometimes on Saturday and Sundays. Earlier bookings are available if you book day before and pay deposit.

I am most of the time not available at last minute call.


Who do you see? 

Anyone who is over 22.

Sorry, I do not see Black, Mix black or Cz  men. 


Can I take shower before and after our meeting?

Of course!! There is always fresh tower and all the stuff for you. If you want all my service so please take shower otherwise there will be limited services.


Can I bring you a gift?

How sweet of you! Of course, gifts are always welcome alongside my commission, though are never expected. 

I'd enjoy it if you brought something we could share, perhaps some champagne? Sweet treats?

Or something I could wear for you? 

If you will choose my wishtender send me pics and i will send you thank you something


How do I make a booking?

The 'Contact' page in the menu is a contact form in which you can fill out. If you already have my email and phone number then feel free to contact me via those channels.


Do I have toys?

Yes, I have a lot of toys. some to use on me and some to use on you ;)


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